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About Us

The business life that we started in 1973 was institutionalized in 1985 and with the confidence gained by the knowledge and experience we have reached, the Asian plastic and mold industry that we established in 1996 has entered the sector, and has been taking firm steps forward in line with its determined targets.


Our company is among the leading companies in the sector in the past time to look for ways to bring itself forward always fast, reliable, quality has brought the level of success in the pride of bringing the better level.

Asian plastic and mold has been working with many companies both domestically and abroad since the day it was founded and gained their trust. Our understanding of continuity in and out of the country has been our understanding of the products we have produced and developed after the delivery stage, we continue our unlimited service.


The successful position of our company has made us selectable, we are experiencing the joy that we have shown to the whole world that our country is successful not only in the country but also abroad with our exports to all parts of the world. will continue to develop in order to be in good position.


Our company, experienced in the field of 3000 square meters, strong mold and cnc staff, trained and expert staff with the customer potential by constantly increasing the way we have been progressing in this way every day our company in the sector of both customers and enriching the quality of product development to improve our country and the world people will continue to serve.
Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied, every customer is satisfied.



Our Values

Advertising Customer Home Ana, First For Us


• Smoothie service
• Infinite quality
• Product and service design to meet customer needs


Accuracy and Reliability

As Asya Plastik Ve Kalıp, we see our customers as corporate network.
For years to live our relationships with our customers;

• Honest communication
• To comply with the rules
• Prompt fulfillment of promises


Employee Satisfaction and Professionalism


• The greatest impact of our success is composed of our employees.
• To provide a developer, educational work environment to our employees;

• Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety
• Teamwork and continuous warm environment
• To give decorated trainings and to contribute to the growth of the company

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